Who I am

I worked four years as an illustrator in publishing and advertising: at the same time I developed my personal experimentation. For many years I have been working as creative director in an important corporate events agency: it has been wonderful and extremely inspiring. But my parallel passion for drawing and painting has always remained alive and active, so I have continued to create images and to develop my artistic path.

My path

Four years ago I abandoned figurative subjects and ventured into the world of the abstract, or rather into a "middle world" suspended between abstract and symbolism. I realised that I can express feelings and emotions more deeply this way. Every day our eye encounters hundreds of images all designed to be easily decoded and the brain rarely stops to focus on a visual message. An abstract but expressive image can really catch the eye, precisely because it is not explicit, easy, predictable. Because it goes deeper.

My technique

I start from a sketch on paper, then I turn it into a digital image to define the subject and the environment in which to make it live. I often print in fine art and work on paper with multiple techniques: ink and watercolours, acrylics and sanguine. Moving in a hybrid and indefinite space continually offers new expressive possibilities.